Thursday, January 21, 2010


Packing is so annoying. I have everything I want to bring laid out on my bedroom floor, which took me a few hours, and although it doesn't look like its a lot on the floor, I know that as soon as I start to put things in suitcases it is just going to be miserable. So far I've planned to bring 3 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of khakis, 6 cardigans, 2 button-downs, 11 dresses, 18 "going-out" shirts, 4 pairs of leggings, 2 pairs of tights, 6 pairs of shorts, 2 swimsuits, 5 scarves, 3 coats, and 2 sweatshirts. That is not including a stack of basic tees/long-sleeves, camis, sleep shirts/shorts, undies, and socks. I'm not even going to attempt to count those. OH and shoes. I don't even know how I'm going to deal with those. I have a pair of flats, brown riding boots, black suede boots, sneakers, wellies, black close-toed pumps, black stilettos, brown high-heel boots, slippers, and 3 pairs of sandals. I was planning on wearing my sneakers on the plane but now for the sake of packing I honestly might wear my wellies. Who knows maybe it will be raining in Rome when I arrive in which case I'll be prepared/not look like a total weirdo.
I've been getting very antsy about leaving. At this point, almost everyone I know is already over there or is leaving soon, and I just want to get there! I wasn't feeling as mentally prepared maybe a week or two ago but now I definitely am. The lack of work hours I received this break (none) has really sucked and I find that I have no motivation to get up earlier than noon because I have nothing to do all day but pack, watch tv, or sit on the internet. Let's just say my interest in these activities has seriously waned over the course of my break.
In other abroad news I finally got my money situation figured out, but in the process everything that could have not worked in my favor did just that. I don't have an account at a major bank branch like Bank of America, so my ATM card would not work over in Italy despite the fact that it was under the Mastercard umbrella. Instead I had to get a AAA travel card that I can reload up with funds from my savings account. This will work great I'm sure. I was also planning on getting some traveler's checks, but was informed that traveler's checks are no longer sold in euro's because people in Europe refused to accept them. Instead I just got some euro's, and saw how incredibly shitty the exchange rate actually is. I knew it was pretty bad, but it's like half. Basically I'm going to have to be really diligent about budgeting my money, especially since I have made zero cash this break.
I got a haircut on Tuesday which I had some mixed feelings about at first but now I like it. The color is just a bit more blonde than I had expected, but whatever I suppose it will be warmer in Italy and the next season is spring. I also got my chipped tooth fixed yesterday at the dentist. I assumed they would just shave down the corner but instead they filled it in, so it looks like nothing happened to it.
My mom made shrimp scampi for dinner last night (my favorite) which was awesome, and tonight she made steak and twice-baked potatoes. Of course I like the twice-baked potatoes more than the steak because in general I've found that I like food that is worse for me...could come to bite me in the ass later in life, but I'm not thinking that far ahead at the moment. I think I'll take the shrimp scampi recipe to Italy with me, although I will probably want to just go out to eat instead of attempt to cook. For now I'm going to try to stuff all of these clothes into some suitcases, ha we'll see how that goes!

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