Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sitting in Heathrow

So I’m currently typing this on a word document because there is no free wifi in Heathrow Airport. Doesn’t that seem odd?? I mean Heathrow is one of the largest airports in the world and they don’t have free internet access? Very strange. When Steve went to Customer service to ask about it the woman at the desk said “That’s robbary you know, robbary” in a British accent (obviously). And yes I know robbery is spelled with an e. Anyways, I don’t know, I just find it weird. Steve and I sat next to each other on the flight, which was of course very enjoyable. Lindsay, Jack, Maureen, Jess, and Lex were also on the flight with Steve and I, although we were all spread out over the plane. We sat in coach on one of those huge planes, I had a window seat and Steve sat in the middle. For our meal we got the pasta, it was basically exactly the same as the manicotti that they serve at Lower sometimes. It was pretty tasty. They also had like vegetable cous-cous thing which was alright, I had a few bites but for those that know me I am not the biggest fan of vegetables. They also gave us a roll with butter and a very good dessert that I was quite pleased with. It was a blueberry lemon pound cake thing that was actually really good. I also got Chardonnay. Yay. We watched “Paper Heart” on the plane with Michael Cera and that strange girl from Knocked Up, I forget her name, I think its Charlyne? Anyway the movie was funny and cute but it was a documentary, so Steve and I couldn’t figure out if Michael Cera and Charlyne were actually dating in real life or if it was like acting for the “documentary.” Overall it was good though. After the movie ended Steve and I attempted to sleep but then started talking and then I was the only one successful at actually falling asleep. It was only for about an hour though. When we got close to landing Steve and I looked out the window to see if we could see any “sights of London” but it was a little too cloudy. Although Steve did say “Hey did you guys see Hogwarts when we landed??” to the group which was actually funny. It was also 5am London time when we landed, so it felt like midnight.
When we got off the plane we had to go through security again, which was annoying but the line moved relatively fast. I met a girl named Jackie who is also going to AUR. She attends American University in DC full-time and she is from Weymouth! We didn’t know any similar names though. Now myself, Jackie, Lindsay, Jack, Steve, and another BC kid Ryan are all sitting downstairs in a big open terminal area waiting for our gate to open. Steve is attempting to sleep but failing miserably, similar to how I have failed miserably to get onto the internet. Steve is now walking around to random people asking if they know football scores. Haha he hasn’t found anyone yet. I am actually getting hungry again so hopefully I can get some snacks on the second flight, that way I don’t have to pay for something here. By the time I post this hopefully I will be in Rome with internet in my apartment! Looks like our gate is scheduled to open in around ten minutes, so time to close the computer and get moving. When I post this I’ll be in Italy!!

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