Tuesday, January 26, 2010

To the Lady and Princess Island!

So last night was my first night out in Rome. And today I feel like crap, woohoo!! Anyway, last night was a great kick-off to the semester. I got to my apartment around 1pm, and I was the last to arrive. I am living with Bri, obviously, and then Julie, Emily, Mary Kate, and Brittany. We have a huge apartment. We each are in large doubles and then we have two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living room area with a computer and phone. There is very strange art in the apartment, and our beds are tiny and remind me of beds you would buy for like a ski lodge or a lake house. Our comforters are also hideous, especially mine and Bri's. Haha they are reversible and the inside of ours has like teddy bears and stars and moons on it. For like a child. Very odd. The first thing I did at my apartment after unpacking was sleep. I like desperately needed a nap. As it turns out, Steve and Jack live very far away from us, but we do live close to Lindsay, and the Florianos/Lex/Nanditha/Maddie. After our nap we decided to meet up with the Florianos and crew and go to Le Fate Restaurant, because we had a 10 euro coupon in our welcome packet. For ten euro we got a full course meal including an appetizer, entree, dessert, and wine. We walked to the Florianos apartment, which was very different from our own and then we walked to Le Fate, which turned out to be not that close. It was like a 30 minute walk but we decided to walk because a) we should see what is around us and b) we have no idea how to use the public transportation system. Since it was such a long walk we ended up buying bottles of wine to have on the way there. We got to Le Fate and it turned out to be like a 20 person group so we all split up and sat at different tables. My roommates and I all sat at a table together. We ate bruschetta for the appetizer and then for the entree we had pasta with tomato sauce. It was so fucking good. The pasta was clearly home-made as was the sauce and it had freshly grated parmesan on top. Unreal. For dessert we got tiramisu which was the best tiramisu I have ever had. Chris loves tiramisu and now I can see why, although in the States it is not nearly as good. We also got a pitcher of wine for the table, and then bought another, which was not included in the 10 euro coupon so we did have to pay for that, but it was still a very good deal. The restaurant changes their menu every week and always have specials for students so I think we are going to make Le Fate a regular place.
After dinner we headed across town to the Campo dei Fiore, which is I guess near the Pantheon? We walked there as well which took about another 30 minutes but it was very cool to see the city. There were a lot of bars there and we ended up at "The Drunken Ship" which was clearly an American bar. Gia, Remy, and Sean all played some ruit and we got a couple pitchers of beer for our table. The bar closed at 2 so we didn't end up staying very long, but then we headed to another bar that was an Irish pub. They played some BC jams like "Shipping up to Boston" and "Sweet Caroline" which was fun for all of us to sing along to. Julie introduced me to this great drink called a Sour Amaretto that tastes like a Shirley Temple, and I tried an Italian beer that I can't remember the name of currently. We also met some "Irish blokes" there who I had my first tequila shot with, and yes I've never had a tequila shot before for the obvious reasons that it makes everyone crazy when they take it, but I figured I'd try it. It's pretty terrible. They give you lemons here instead of limes. Interesting. We ended up leaving the bar pretty late and took cabs back to our apartment. Instead of going to bed when we got home we thought it would be a good idea to open another bottle of wine which we then finished. My roommates and I are keeping a "drunk journal" to write in when we get home from wherever we have been that night, and I have no idea what I wrote in it but I do remember thinking that my handwriting looked essentially illegible. This morning I woke up around noon and proceeded to feel much too good so I knew I was still drunk. I sent a message to Chris and then threw up straight alcohol and what looked like a basil leaf. Really pleasant. I also talked with Steve and we plan on meeting sometime later today. I also took a shower, which was an adventure because I had no idea how to turn it on and had to ask Julie to help me. The shower pressure is crappy and its freezing when you aren't under the actual stream of water so I definitely miss my shower at home. Now its 3pm and I'm still in bed typing this and feeling like absolute shit from last night, so we'll see how today goes. I'm planning on going to campus today too so that should be fun, if I manage to function somehow.

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